Antarma’s music is as unique as his life path. Growing up in a mix of London street culture, spiritual circles, festivals and squats, Antarma first turned his energy to music & mantras to help him find strength to meet his own struggles. This inner search led him to learning with masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi and African Brazilian sacred traditions.

Antarma took these teachings into his music, honed skills as a rapper and percussionist, then made his name busking on the London streets, with an unparalleled ability to immerse hundreds of people with a single drum and vocal. Now, his gift has him selling out London venues with ‘Antarma Live’. This powerful event fuses meditation, chanting, song and dance into a fully interactive journey, bringing audiences into deep connection and ecstatic joy.

In this time of instability and global concerns, Antarma is offering an experience that a lot of people seem to need right now; a space in community to celebrate life’s ups and downs.
Antarma has shared his music and practices through live shows, meditations, workshops and retreats in the UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, France, Bali, India, Malaysia and at festivals including Udaya Live – Bulgaria, Geneva International Yoga Festival, and Mind Body Spirit, London.

He’s recently teamed up with Dannii Evans (OneTaste) and Grammy award-winning producer, Duncan Bridgeman (1Giant Leap, Nessi Gomez) to record his debut album. After 13 years of attracting an ardent fan base and honing his craft, this anticipated record is set for release in Spring 2020.