Djuma Soundsystem a Norwegian DJ and producer Mikkas, better known as Djuma Soundsystem, has for more than two decades made a top of the line, mind-bending, genre-busting underground music. No one listening to House Music in the past 15 years has been able to miss the modern classic “Les Djinns.” Since then he has toured the world many times over, with a particular highlight being when he DJ’ed the last hour counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve 2009, to almost one million people gathered at Baha Beach in Rio De Janeiro. One would think Mikkas could take a moment to relax every now and again, but this is one restless soul that refuses to slow down. Instead, he continues to travel the world to spread his gospel of meaningful, organic, afro-inspired club music to appreciating crowds. His latest tracks have been released on Crosstown Rebels, Chapter 24, SOSO, Kittball, Sol Selectas, and Get Physical.