After a highly successful career in PR which included the creation of London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards, Lynne Franks has become a champion of women’s empowerment, sustainable business practices and social justice issues.

She chaired Viva, the UK’s first women’s radio station and put on the What Women Want Festival at the South Bank followed by speaking and reporting from the UN’s seminal women’s conference in Beijing in August ’95.

Lynne founded SEED – Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics – a movement and community for women’s learning and leadership programmes in 2000, while living in California, based on her pioneering women’s business book, The SEED Handbook, the feminine way to create business, now published in languages all over the world.

SEED women’s empowerment programmes have been delivered in post-war zones, rural African villages, women’s prisons and the corporate board room.

Lynne, now based in Wincanton, Somerset, has opened the SEED Hub where her retreats, eco-bedrooms and vegan café offer a respite for busy women and men who visit this center of healing and wellbeing.

She is also developing her work on her Power of Seven leadership programmes based on feminine archetypes and how Pods of 7 can indeed change society by non-hierarchal, collaborative circular leadership systems, based on sacred geometry and community-led business.

Grandmother of seven, Lynne believes that we must all contribute in every way to create a new co-operative future based on equality and sufficiency for all. She was awarded an OBE in 2018 for her work with the empowerment of women.