Nango Manchay

World influenced midtempo breaks and more intricate downtempo and bass-centric musings with live Sitar, Guitar and Vocals

Label – Desert Trax

Using original recordings from the mountains of Nepal, the deserts of India and the jungles of Australia and Central America, Nango Manchay has incorporated instruments from all corners of the earth to create an original sound the spans borders and traditional genres.

The result is the expansive album Under Our Sun which was released on Desert Trax on April 5th 2019. From the opening hit of Varanasi Flame to the closing notes of Diambura the Nango Manchay sound envelops and hypnotizes.

The guitarist and sitar player also features on the seminal album Grouch in Dub and his lush string sound has found a home on Desert Dwellers label.

Nango Manchay’s music is filled with gorgeous melody at each stop along the cosmic journey. Rich, pulsing midtempo breaks and more intricate downtempo and bass-centric musings are held together by the connective thread of real bowed, plucked and strummed strings.

“Under Our Sun  is a tribute to the unification of humanity and the common goals of peace and understanding that is an underlying part of what makes us all human,” he notes “We are all under the same sun, we share this planet together and this album represents many cultures uniting to create music of beauty that reflects the awe and grandeur of nature, our shared home and the depths of our own consciousness.”