Paul’s musical career began at the age of 8, playing guitar as half of an instrumental duo with his then 10 year old brother Chris. As Chris & Paul, before they had reached their teens, they entered the 1984 BBC Radio Cambridge sponsored national rock band contest which drew contestants from all over the UK and a few from the USA.

Chris & Paul were runners up in their heat, coming a close second behind a mature eight piece line-up called `The Exploding Hamsters’. In the final they won the ‘Best Young Band’ award. After Cambridge they were joined by 12 year old drummer, Rob Hall, to form `Oasis` which was an instrumental rock/pop/blues band, years before that other well known Manchester outfit pinched their name! The original Oasis gigged for about 3 years doing pubs, clubs, private parties and charity events.

On leaving school Paul founded two Bedford based bands, first `Tree` and then `Karma` performing his own songs. Later, Paul’s interest in Indian music and culture inspired him to learn to play the sitar and he spent 5 years playing classical ragas with his Indian three piece band `Om`. On moving to Buckingham, Paul met local musicians, Dan Buckland and Matt Banham and in 2004 formed `The Swamis`.

It was at a Swamis gig at the Buckingham Band Jam that Paul met Tom Dewhurst who joined the band on occasions performing in London and Cardiff as well as local venues. After four and a half years, The Swamis disbanded and two years later, in the icy winter of 2010, Paul and Tom formed `The OmniVibes`.

Tom tragically died at age 23 in Prague, since then Paul mainly performs solo as OmniVibes.