Lucidia and Rafael have been playing together since 2010. They met and fell in love musically and romantically and have been working together ever since. It has been an intense journey for both of them, challenging and rewarding with a deep musical alchemy at the core of their entwinement. Through their combined creativity they find their harmony.

Due to the philosophical and spiritual slant to their individual writing styles they have been playing at many alternative events and venues, including festivals, yoga/meditation retreats, spiritual circles, sound healing events and private parties. As the mainstream perspective opens up to embrace more of the spiritual, they are finding their popularity expanding to a wider audience. It seems that a growing number of people are thirsty to hear lyrics that inspire and reflect an evolving consciousness. Lucidia and Rafael are committed to making music that brings hope, promotes spiritual growth, and fuels a positive outlook on life, at the same time honestly expressing the many states of mind and emotion they experience along the way.


I have been writing lyrics and melodies since the age of four. I grew up in a musical household and I used to sing with my dad’s band as a child. It was in California, during my late teens, that I realised that all I really wanted to do was sing and write. I began performing in festivals and clubs and soon became a recording artist and session singer, although my original material always remained my focus. After a long and prolific period of songwriting I took up the study of the harp to accompany myself whilst on the search for the right guitarist. When I met Rafael back in the UK I felt I had finally found the music for my voice. I love his blend of styles, the passion with which he plays guitar and his incredible level of skill. I feel he can take me anywhere I want to go with my voice and always knows how to accompany me in a way that makes me feel musically unhindered. I love the way my harp and his guitar enjoy their sonic dance.


My mission in life is to be present and to share my inner world through music and word. My relationship with the guitar began more than half my life ago. As soon as I felt the powerful call at age 16, I immersed myself in it, mind, spirit and all. I began in a completely intuitive way -learning by ear- but after an initial 10 years I began seeking specialized tuition. I achieved a higher education degree in jazz performance and arrangement with honours and I have been working as a session musician in London for the past 10 years. In Shrinari I have found a space where I can be most free and authentic as my inspiration is beyond labels and it draws from many sources without seeking the purity of any of them. My latin roots show in every sound I make and so do many ancestral resonances from all over the world. All of this feeds into the stylistic melting pot that we’ve co-created in this incarnation of the project.